Get effective customer interaction, close orders more efficiently, Keep healthy Sales Funnel going . SalesApt thus provides effortless tracking of sales

All tasks made Easy!

Perform action where ever you go, even without network

Activity Scheduler

Now Keeping Records of every meeting. Followup becomes easier, team becomes efficient as it start sharing details

Location Tracker

Check-in at client visit. Auto verification of visits with proximity locator. Increase prospects with genuine meeting.

Order Management

Book orders through Mobile App for Customers, Distributor etc. Maintain complex pricing mechanism for regions

Sales and Distribution

End-to-End Stock status across multiple sales channels. Warehouse Stock Report for distributor logins

Sales Performance

Keep Track Of Daily Sales Report, Set Targets for all sales channels. Track Actual Sales vs target. Identify the bottleneck

Manage Expenses

Easy Expense Creation. Approval Dashboard for Managers. Expense relay report for HR department

How it Works

SalesApt is a cloud based service. It does not need a complex server setup.Get your company account live with sales colleague logins. Install the mobile app and take your data along.

Easy Setup

Import initial data from excel for customer, accounts, sales employee. Maintain SKUs and pricing hierarchy.

Install App

Install App from Google Play Store. One time login. Native App syncs data when it finds network

Multi Channel

Login and see today's appointments. Get customer details & historical data. Book order on the fly.


Track Daily Sales, Sales Funnel, Employee performance on target, Expense approvals and many more

Location Tracker

Get real time location of your sales/field employee's and activities record in progress. This GPS location tracking app helps in determining the attendance system, scheduling activity,sales visit tracking, sales order, and payment collection data logging.

Stock Management

Get necessary overview and update of stock transfer available/needed at each level of stock hierarchy as to deliver at the right time and the right price.

Order Management

SalesApt, is helpful in maintaining all records/reminders starting from point of sales inquiry to delivery of a product to the customer and payment collection. This can be done in two ways, either punching/viewing the new/existing orders or checking the payment collection status through different report formats.

Sales Performance

Manage targets, monitor performance, and define incentives of each salesman on basis of region/designation. Use the target module to allot target and check their performance report. Use incentive matrix, and add incentives to your real hero’s pockets.

Manage Activities

The fresh entry of a person or a company in the system through customer interest or marketing respond is a Sales Lead. This tool sorts the leads on the validity of the request, and scheduled for follow-up processes until they convert as a qualified contact.

Manage Expenses

Controlling expense is the key to business profit. Make the control handy, just a click away,to approve/deny expense request of your sales team based on the project needs and designation hierarchy.